Group Therapy

The following are some benefits of group therapy:

  • Exercising with a Group is Motivating

Exercising with people whom you are comfortable with and are supportive of your success, can be extremely encouraging. 

  • Benefit from Expert Supervision

When people perform exercises on their own, they are likely to skip the exercises they don’t enjoy or are unsure of. In a small group setting, the instructor will tailor the class to include the most beneficial and relevant exercises for the specific group, and provide supervision at all times, to ensure that each participant is using the correct technique.

  • Working Out with a Group Makes You Accountable

Have you ever thought to yourself “I know I should go to the gym today, but…” or, “I know I should be doing my Physiotherapy exercises, but…”. The majority of people taking physiotherapy understand the benefit of performing their prescribed exercises on a regular basis. However, they find it difficult to find the motivation to do so. 

Being a part of an exercise class is a great way to increase the internal drive to exercise. This is because you become accountable to your classmates, instructor, and most importantly, to yourself to show up each week and participate whole-heartedly. 

Jaya Physio Clinics offers two Group Therapy Programmes: B-Fit and Advanced Spine Care


Are you exercising, but not fully satisfied with your fitness level? Are you yet to find a suitable exercise regime? Your search ends right here.

Joint degeneration is a natural part of the ongoing aging process. But is it too rapid in your case? 

Regardless of your fitness complaint, Jaya Physio Clinics is here to help.

Introducing “B-Fit”, a highly advanced exercise formula, aimed at minimizing joint-degeneration and no risk of injury. 

Offered online and at our state-of-the-art clinic in Madhapur, Hyderabad.


Jaya Physio Clinics introduces ADVANCED SPINE CARE, a group exercise-therapy program aimed at improving spinal strength, stability, and mobility.

Aging, sports injuries and occupational disorders can cause mechanical spinal dysfunctions, commonly referred to as “neck pain” or “back pain”. Left untreated, they can lead to disc bulges, lumbar/cervical spondylosis, etc.

In our ADVANCED SPINE CARE program, our highly-skilled physiotherapists will design and supervise exercises for core stabilization, functional training, and post-surgical spinal rehabilitation, with a special emphasis on posture.

This transformative exercise-course is offered on a group/individual basis and is open to all age groups. Participants will meet for one hour- thrice a week, for a total of six weeks.

Advance yourself by transforming your spine! Join our ADVANCED SPINE CARE.