I was suffering from heel pain. After starting physiotherapy, within 3 sessions, my pain was under control. After doing the prescribed exercises, I am able to walk and do other activities with more ease. The doctors at Jaya Physio also assessed my whole lower limb and corrected my posture, so that I don’t get heel pain in the future again. I’m very satisfied by their services and advanced techniques.

Mr. Sri Rama Krishna

I came here for ankle pain. Excellent services are provided at Jaya Physio Clinics. They use all recent and advanced techniques and instruments for treatment. Plus muscle-specific exercises, which helped me with my movements. I’m very happy after coming here. Thanks to the team of Jaya Physio, I’ll be playing my favorite sport again.

Mr. V. John

Everything about the clinic is of the highest standard, from booking an appointment to aftercare. I would 100% recommend the clinic to any of my friends and family. Very friendly staff and great results. I have been made to feel very welcome and I could not have asked for better care. I would also like to give a massive thank you to Dr. Madhuri & Dr. Kapil for 15 days of treatment received for Bells Palsy. I have gotten relief within a short time. There is value for ₹, and staff never pressurize into taking on endless rounds of treatment. Thanks for helping me from ‘Oww’ to ‘Ahhh’. Very happy!

Mr. Ramkumar Seeramdas

I am thrilled that I recovered within just 6 sessions. Dr. Kapil assessed my problem on the first day and clearly explained the situation I am going through. As I was about to leave Hyderabad in the next 10 days, my sessions were adjusted accordingly. Appreciate the doctors and staff for the good service.

Mr. Vinod

I was suffering with mid-back, shoulder and lower back pain for a couple of years. I was getting treated by the doctors of some other hospitals, but I found Jaya Physio Clinics to be the best.

Dr. Kapil sir suggested a treatment, which gave me pain-relief within 10 sessions. The doctor has expertise and has patience to listen and treat. The team was also very supportive and their treatment procedures are advanced to treat the spine.

I would suggest Jaya Physio Clinics to anyone who has severe back problems.

Mr. Lakshmi Narayana

Dr. Kapil is very knowledgeable and experienced. I came here for a cervical spondylitis treatment and the doctor had advised for 10 sessions of physiotherapy. My pain was gone within the 8th session itself and I am very relieved now.

The team here will teach you all the key things for a good muscle and bone maintenance, from posture to maintenance after the sessions for non-recurring pain.

Most of the other physiotherapy centers give machine-based treatment. However, at Jaya Physio, the manual treatment that the physiotherapists do (feeling and sensing the muscle movements internally) is what helped me a lot. Thank you, Dr. Kapil and his team of wonderful and friendly doctors.


Mr. Vijay

I was diagnosed with multiple problems of the shoulder (tendinitis, impingement, bursitis, muscle tear). I was told by other other doctors that surgery was my only option.

However, someone recommended me to Dr. Kapil, who explained everything and assured me that I would definitely recover and that no surgery would be required. Dr. Kapil is highly knowledgeable, helpful, honest, and caring person. My sessions were taken by Dr. Kapil and Dr. Madhuri.

Dr. Madhuri is an amazing person. She is so knowledgeable in what she does and she explains every detail about the treatment. She was truly my moral support and mental strength. Together, they both worked extremely hard to get me back to my original active lifestyle. No words to express my feelings towards them. They have given me a new life. Kapil and Madhuri, you have magical hands…keep up the good work.

I would recommend Jaya Physio Clinics to everyone. This is the best clinic in Hyderabad, which is of the highest standard. The staff here are warm, caring and wonderful.

Sudha Yogendra

I’ve had a really bad situation in my lower back and in my left leg due to the disk protrusion in my L3 disk. I could not even do my day-to-day work due to the amount of pain I had for more than an year.

I visited Dr. Kapil and I was very pleased by the way he examined my problem and explained to me about the situation in my spine, what treatment was needed and the estimated time to heal. As I started to get the treatment from Dr. Kapil and Dr. Madhuri, the miraculous part had started as I feel the pain went down by 60-70% in no time. I’m very happy for the effort that they put into my healing process. The progress of my healing at Dr. Kapil’s clinic is much more than I can explain here. Thank you, Dr. Kapil and Dr. Madhuri.

Sri Harsha Nettem

Dr. Kapil is really knowledgable, experienced & supportive. He assesses the problem really well and the exercises & treatment plan that he prescribes address the problem effectively.  I think he is one of the best physiotherapists we have met.

Before consulting Dr. Kapil, we had gone to other physiotherapists & sports rehab specialists. None of them were able to identify or treat my son’s sports injuries, despite spending tons of money. Dr. Kapil was a pleasant surprise!!! I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs physiotherapy & rehab services.



The chiropractor appointment with Dr. Kapil Chand Narra was after a long flight from Toronto to Hyderabad. His diagnosis, treatment and his attitude were excellent. I am healing well after his treatment last night, although I’m 69y old. 


Mr. Roshan Madhavjee

I am a software professional working for the past 3 years. I had developed neck pain and headache in the last few months. I had been to a neurologist and he asked me to take an MRI and the told me that I have cervical disc issue, but didn’t tell the reason for my head aches.

A friend recommend Dr. Kapil and he diagnosed it as cervicogenic headache. He treated me with fascial manipulation and trigger point dry-needling, followed by neuromuscular control exercises. Now I am feeling much better. He also gave ergonomic advise. I would highly recommend Dr. Kapil to all software professionals.


My wife had an MCL tear for which we were looking for a reliable and consistent physiotherapy. We were extremely pleased by the approach followed by Dr. Kapil and his team. Very professional and friendly team. Strongly recommend them. Keep up the good work!


Mr. Deepak Madabushi