Sports, Rehab and Performance Co.

Jaya Physio Clinics is proud to introduce “Trans-Form”, which is a 700sft rehab and sports performance gym, attached to its Madhapur clinic.

Who is Trans-Form for?

Anyone who would like to “Trans-Form” their bodies for the better! It is used by athletes, fitness-enthusiasts, as well as Jaya Physio Clinic’s physiotherapy clients.

I can exercise at my regular gym or at home. What’s unique about exercising at Trans-Form?

The main advantage of training at Trans-form would be that you would be training under the skilled guidance of a sports physiotherapist, rather than a regular gym-trainer.

Physiotherapists study the structures & mechanics of the human body, as well as, exercise physiology for at least 4 years. So, their in-depth knowledge of sports performance and endurance would enable them to design highly-suitable exercise-plans. In comparison, most gym trainers would have only completed a few short, certificate-level courses.

Therefore, exercising under the skilled guidance of a sports physiotherapist would make your fitness goals more sustainable and safer than a run-of-the-mill gym trainer.

India’s Olympic badminton champion, Saina Nehwal, training at Trans-Form

At Trans-Form, we give evidence-based, advanced sports performance training. Our team of sports physiotherapists work with athletic teams and clubs, both on the field and at our gym.

Gaurika Bishnoi, #1 Women’s Indian Professional Golfer 2017-2018, training at Trans-Form

For more information about Trans-Form, please contact us at 98496 95691.

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