Corporate Physiotherapy

While everyone can benefit from physiotherapy, there are specific work-environments where it is crucial for optimal employee health. These professions may include those who:

  • travel extensively,
  • sit in front of a laptop or desktop for long periods,
  • perform repetitive tasks,
  • have long work hours or work overtime regularly,
  • have repeated manual-handling tasks

Corporate Physiotherapy Consultations

Our Corporate Physiotherapy Consultation programs promote overall employee health and well-being. We will come to your workplace to assess and make recommendations for:

  • Workplace ergonomics
  • Employee health-profiling
  • Strategy development and design
  • Office furniture analysis
  • Job task and environmental analysis
  • Occupational health and safety consultation
  • Manual handling and risk mitigation training
  • Onsite design of office layout and gym equipment
  • Risk assessments
  • Health and safety marketing and design

Injury-Prevention Seminar Series

We have conducted on-site and online seminars for the employees of various companies on:

  • Better workplace ergonomics
  • Postural correction to reduce back pain
  • Correct motorbike-riding practices, etc.

Onsite Physiotherapy Camps

Onsite physio camps can be set up on a one-time or on a regular-interval basis. We can have the following:

  • Physical screenings
  • Musculoskeletal injury–diagnosis and rehabilitation
  • Functional assessment
  • Return to work planning
  • Employee wellness profiling
  • Pilates
  • Postural classes
  • Reporting & health data analytics

We also have group physiotherapy/wellness packages to ensure a cost-effective way to promote global employee health and therefore reduce employee sickness and absence. Here, our physiotherapist would guide a large group of your employees with exercise and other wellness tips.

Onsite Physiotherapy Clinic

Here, we would have a clinic-setup at your office and our physiotherapist would assess and treat the patient at the workplace itself.

Onsite access allows the physiotherapist to identify a potential health hazard in the workplace and address it early on. Therefore, our onsite physiotherapy care will enhance your organisation through reduced workplace injury, fewer worker-compensation claims, in addition to increased productivity due to improved health.

For more information on how Jaya Physio Clinics can fulfill your company’s health requirements, please contact us at: 98496 95691.